World Environmental Day Celebration


World Environmental Day were celebrated with a group of about 100 individuals who are nature lovers converging at Bukit Hantu River. It was commemorated by the plantation of 400 native trees around a water feature. These “gift to nature” were sponsored by two organizations on Langkawi.

Through Langkawi Initiative, an immense gratitude goes to Jalpak I’ll brand Guest whom sponsored 200 trees whilst Frangipani Hotel located on Pantai Tengah has sponsored 200 trees as well.  Four species of trees were planted this day where all those four species specifically chosen benefiting the wildlife within Langkawi Island. The wildlife is among birds, bees, butterflies and small mammals.

These groups of nature lovers were made up of members associated with the Malaysia Nature Society, LADA, LTAC, JPS, JAS, other local government authorities, tourist hoteliers, nature guides, expatriate and families. A big gratitude towards JPS for permitting us to plant on their site area and towards Majlis Pembandaran Langkawi for trucks and manpower for the transportation of plants from Arshad Nursery.

It was a fine outing and the participants had lots of fun. We even had moms and their children planting trees together. Hats off to mother initiating conservation efforts in their children early days.

Half way through the program, we noticed there were a couple of mango (Mangifera indica) and  rambutan trees (Nephelium lappaceum) were being planted as well and in few years ahead, it will serve as appetizing food source for Homo sapiens too!

Even at the end hours of the project, people were still rushing in so at least they had chance contributing efforts to plant tree as well.

The atmosphere was exhilarating filled with many familiar faces and new ones too. In fact, a pair of long time residents of Langkawi Island (Peter & Maria) shared the moment of events on YouTube in conjunction with World Environment Day. So spend your time by checking out the footage of film HOME-hymn for the planet by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Have a click and watch the video at (

Tree planting session was completed within two and half hours. The event granted participants with long lasting memories of the day and we are flattered with a hint of pride that we are blessed in giving in to mother nature. May god bless all the trees and it will last forever and ever. Happy World Environmental Day!!!

Pictures by : James Kok , Ku Ismadi and Ida Halim