Tree Planting Initiative


Langkawi organized a Canadian International school based in China comprising of students, their respective teacher and as well as representative from an adventure group based in Hong Kong. The venture conducted for them was a tree planting initiative.

The activity began with a short briefing by Irshad regarding on the purpose of this activity and the significance that will lead to the well being of the natural state of the Island. After a quick snack (group descended from Gunung Raya after the Hornbill project), The group divided themselves into smaller groups of three and demonstration of planting methods were shown as well as the type of trees being planted by our Senior Naturalist Irshad and our consultant gardener Ismail.

Conventional tools were being used to perform the task of planting trees comprising of hoes (cangkul) and elongated spades. These tools are requisite and vital to complete the planting procedure effectively. As for the participants, this was a milestone achievement in their life as some of them had never probably seen or use such agricultural tools before. It was a very fine moment witnessing participants connecting with nature by planting trees. Hopefully this memory stays in their heart forever and will bring this day into their fond remembrance.

There are several tree types were being planted along the banks of a riverine and stream area called Sg. Bukit Hantu in Langkawi Island at the foothills of Gunung Raya. Among the trees planted were Eugenia claviflora (Muyu), Eugenia grandis (Sea apple/Jambu Laut) Eugenia polyantha (Salam) & Eugenia pseudosubtilis (Kerian).

After a successful mid morning day of tree planting, the activity concluded with Irshad conveying his appreciation to the participants for their contribution and the group adjourned for lunch at Panorama Hotel.

Post By : Gary Ruben – Lepidopterist