Covidien – Give Back to Nature and Community


Once in a while we get a pleasant surprise. What are the odds of instead having the “ordinary tour”during their holiday, There are great people who chose to give back to nature and local communities.

The leading medical equipment supplier, Regional Manager of Covidien Group, Kelvin Seow, select several of CSR project during their staying on Langkawi island attending their company’s conference. Community of villagers and areas of projects were chosen at Kuala Teriang.

There are three activities chosen for the execution of activities. Among those three are Rainforest Aid at Kuala Melaka River Park, Mangrove Aid at Kuala Teriang mud flats and Fish for the Future in Kuala Teriang Fishing Community. Although the program had a rough start where there was storm occurring before the event started, but the staff of Covidien continued the projects regardless of the uncomfortable damp conditions of surroundings.

Nevertheless, a group of 180 staff planted 120 rainforest trees. Adding to that, they also donated 30 trees to The Pelangi Beach Resort (where their accommodation are located). Addition of 250 mangrove seedlings and 3 of 22 FADS were built for fishing community was the cherry on the cake.

Permission to reforest Sungai Melaka was also granted by LADA and the local Department of drainage and irrigation. Last but not least, an opportunity to adopt another river was being offered to us and we are very looking forward to that.

Event on :20th October 2008.
Pictures Taken by Madi