A letter from the wild

RainforestAid.org and Malaysia Nature Society officer will co- managed a center made to maintain the biodiversity within Langkawi. There are three main focus of the center used to navigate the maintenance of biodiversity within Langkawi. First and foremost is through education. Education classes are established for the youngster and adults. Second is the establishment of conservation projects conducted specifically in Langkawi and lastly a community function as a watchdog protecting survived wild habitat pinpointing to protect The Great Hornbill of Gunung Raya that used to be poached and eaten by the nuisance.

Complementary to the raining season, there are plenty of tree planting project that is going to be established around Langkawi Island. We decided to choose tree planting as our main project because in latter days, it will provide food source and habitat protection for animals mainly birds, squirrels and monkeys. This will ensure the continuation of food for them all year round.

We have intentions of planting 4000 trees this year, so come and join us being the wildlife warrior by protecting the remaining survived habitats in Langkawi.